Dr. Mkk Arya Model School

   << 8 April Second Saturday holiday
   << 11 April Suprises Test
   <<13 April Dr. B.R Abmedkar Jyanti                         Celebration (VII-X)
   <<14 April Dr. B.R Abmedkar Jyanti Holiday
   <<15 April English creative Writing(IV-X)
   <<17 April House Meet
   <<18 April Surprise Test
   <<19 April Theme Based Morning Assembly       XII-A
   <<20 April Theme Based Morning Assembly       XII-B1
   <<20 April Class Show (VI-A)
   << 22 April Earth Day Celebration
   <<24 April Inter house Table Tennis
   <<25 April Inter house Table Tennis &                   Surprise Test
   << 27 April Theme Based Morning assembly       XII-B2
   << 28 April Class show VI-B
   << 29 April -PTM

Junior School

MKK Junior School is dedicated to providing quality education for Age Group 2 Years + to 5 Years (Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and Preparatory Level in the Pre-Primary wing) and Age Group 5+ to 10 Years (in the Primary wing). At MKK we believe in imparting education which goes beyond traditional teaching-learning pedagogy and extends the paradigm to incorporate all-round development of the child. Initial years of schooling are extremely important for our children as they set the foundation for lifelong learning, At MKK, each and every aspect of schooling has been meticulously crafted to make sure our tiny tots are nurtured with utmost love, care, and affection. Each and every child is Unique and Special, not just to his/her Family but as an individual, it is this thought that drives us to focus on individual needs of each child. We believe that the environment in which our children grow up has a big impact on their lives, hence we strive to provide a healthy and positive atmosphere, an atmosphere of love and care. An environment where we interact with Family, friends, and nature. An environment where we experiment, explore, ask questions, and make our minds more inquisitive.

The vision of Dr Mkk School is futuristic and it aims to prepare students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Its environment is especially responsive to a child's developmental stages and their innate desire to learn. The school's philosophy of education is guided by, respect for the individual child. It has a nurturing environment and some of the best-trained mentors.

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Ram Lal Chowk, Model Town,

Panipat (Haryana) - 132103.

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Event Calender

>>6 April New Session Begins,

>>13 April Dr. B.R Abmedkar Jyanti Celebration

>>17 April House Meet

>>20 April Theme Based Morning Assembly XII-B1

>>25 April Inter house Table Tennis & Surprise Test

>>29 April -PTM